Notes Regarding your Insurance Plans

Aetna Medical

  1. Your ID number is the first 9 digits of your USC ID. For example, if your USC ID was 1234567890, your Aetna ID would be 123456789.
  2. Please use your Aetna ID when contacting Aetna regarding claim issues or general questions. Please give Aetna your Aetna ID instead of your Social Security Number. Aetna does not have access to your Social Security Number, and your Aetna ID serves as a pseudo-social security number so Aetna can look up your account. This number also applies when you register for Aetna Navigator ( instructions below ).
  3. To select or change your Primary Care Physician, please inform Aetna by phone or online using Aetna Navigator.

Seeking Out-of-Network Services Can Negatively Impact Your Out-of-Pocket Costs

Please visit Aetna Medical POS and Principal POS for more information on why using an in-network provider when at all possible is extremely beneficial.

Aetna Navigator

You may perform a variety of functions, such as changing your PCP, printing temporary ID cards, or checking the status of a claim.

  • Register online
  • Instead of entering your ‘Member ID Number’ select the ‘Social Security Number’ option
  • Enter the first 9 digits your USC ID, instead of an actual Social Security Number
  • Fill out all personal information

Once you register for Aetna Navigator, you can immediately access the full benefits and features of the site. Please allow 24-48 hours for Aetna’s system to update with your enrollment before attempting to register.

Making Changes to your Enrollment Status

Please click on the New Hire Enrollment Form Login and provide your email address and previously created password under Returning User. You will then be taken to the Postdoc Dashboard, on which you may view your current enrollment status and/or make changes to your enrollment.

It is recommended that you utilize the New Hire Enrollment Form instructions while making changes, to ensure that the form is completed correctly.

Postdocs Working/Traveling Outside of the United States

If you are a postdoc working outside of the United States and living abroad for an extended period of time, the medical, dental and vision plans associated with the USC Postdoctoral Scholar Benefit Program are not available for enrollment. You are eligible for the Life/AD&D insurance, Short-Term Disability (for job codes 098219 and 098203) and Long-Term Disability plans regardless of your ability to enroll in the medical, dental and/or vision plans due to being outside of the U.S. This enrollment is performed when you submit your electronic enrollment record through the Gallagher Benefit Services website, and coverage is considered active as of your appointment date.

If you are currently enrolled in either the medical HMO or POS and you travel outside of the U.S., you are only covered for emergency services. This may require you paying for your services while away and then seeking reimbursement from the insurance carrier upon your return.

Emergency services are defined as life-threatening circumstances where you feel you may die if you do not get immediate emergency medical attention.

For information on travel policies and policies that may cover you while living abroad, you may consult an insurance carrier directly, a travel insurance broker in your area, or the U.S. Department of State’s website.

Who to contact for questions and concerns: Gallagher Benefit Services at 1-800-319-9557, e-mail