Emergency or Urgent Care

Protect your health and your wallet. Consider the advantages of your local urgent care center.

It’s second nature for many of us to hit the emergency room if we’re suddenly sick or injured — a sound idea, in many cases. But what if you have an urgent, but non-life threatening, medical issue like a broken arm or ankle sprain? A hefty ER wait time, and even heftier hospital bill might not be your best option. In fact, quicker, more affordable and more convenient treatment is closer than you think: your local urgent care center. Many of these health care spots are open 7 days a week — even nights, weekends and holidays — with no appointments necessary.

That makes them a convenient option for common ailments and accidents you’d typically visit the ER for. Plus, when you opt for care from one of approximately 3,432 Aetna-contracted centers instead of your local ER, your savings can really add up!

Sample services and care offered through Urgent Care:

■ Fractures
■ Whiplash
■ Sports injuries
■ Falls (less than 7 feet)
■ Cuts and minor lacerations
■ Allergies
■ Infections
■ Flu
■ Gallstones
■ Skin lesion removal
■ Burns and rashes
■ Immunizations & vaccinations

If your medical need is more than urgent — for example, characterized by chest pain, trouble breathing, bad bleeding or other symptoms that are serious or put your life at risk — you should go straight to your local ER.

ER vs Urgent Care