Postdoc Tuition Remission Program

All postdoctoral scholars on the Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits Plan are entitled to receive up to 20 units of tuition remission for training-related coursework at USC, not to exceed four units in any one semester. Postdoctoral scholars should secure approval of the faculty mentor and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, which will handle the registration process.

To register for a course, please complete and submit the forms below to by the registration deadlines as published in the Schedule of Classes.

  1. Tuition Remission Form
    • Please secure any required course D-clearance(s) prior to submitting your tuition remission form. You’ll need the additional clearance if the 5-digit section number of the course you plan to take ends with a “D” (e.g. 41121D).
    • If you’re planning to complete an academic program using your tuition remission benefits: no more than the first 12 (graduate) units taken through limited status enrollment can be applied toward a degree. Please consult with your program early on regarding admission processes and course planning prior to taking required courses towards a degree or certificate.
  2. Your IDP
  3. Opt-out of the Student Health Insurance: Waivers must be submitted annually, by the third week of the semester.

The tuition remission program only covers the cost of tuition. Postdocs are responsible for the following fees:

  • lab and/or access fees, readers and other course materials
  • Norman Topping Fee
  • USC Student Services Fee
  • Optional: Graduate Programming Fee
  • Paying for the USC Graduate Programming Fee
    • makes you eligible to apply for the USC GSG Travel Grant Program
    • gives you access to USC GSG Free legal counseling services


  • is a postdoc placeholder course that you should be registered for every semester during your appointment at USC
  • it triggers your access to university resources: libraries, journals, the Lyon center, etc.
  • qualifies you for loan deferment

1098 Forms

USC provides IRS Form *1098-T* to students with qualified tuition and fees or financial aid posted to their student accounts during the calendar year just ended. This form is used to document education tax credits on United States federal income tax returns. More info here.

To download your forms:

  • log into the OASIS service on MyUSC
  • go to the Financial Information menu and click on “1098T (ECSI)“.
    Or, you may login directly to ECSI at where you will be asked to provide your student ID and email information. The school code for USC is “HT.”
  • For assistance using ECSI, call 866-428-1098.