Tuition Remission Benefit for Postdoctoral Scholars

All postdoctoral scholars on the Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits Plan are entitled to receive up to 20 units of tuition remission for training-related coursework at USC, not to exceed 4 units in any one semester.  The tuition remission benefit for postdoctoral scholars also applies to approved residents and clinical fellows as part of the Provost’s Program for Clinical Fellows and Residents. Residents and Fellows need to secure approval from their fellowship/program directors and the Graduate Medical Education Office prior to participating in the Program. Additional information can be found under the Signature Programs tab on this website.

Overview of the Process

Each semester, you must complete this process before the start of classes:

  1. Fill out the Tuition Remission Form and have it signed by your faculty supervisor, department chair, or program director
  2. Upload the document to the Tuition Remission submission portal (First time users must create a new account)
  3. Register for classes using the WebReg system through MyUSC. Login to your student account (also through MyUSC) and pay registration and other nominal fees (*See FAQ below for more instructions on how to do this correctly). Please note: you may not audit.
  4. Follow instructions on the Student Health webpage to waive Student Health Insurance

If this is your first time registering or your are unfamiliar with the process, please read the detailed steps below to prevent delays in processing your tuition remission.

If you have questions, please read our FAQ section below.

Step 1: Download and complete the Tuition Remission Form

  • To reduce the number of forms needed, you may list all the classes you wish to take on one form.
  • Secure any required D-clearance(s) prior to submitting your tuition remission form. You’ll need the additional clearance if the 5-digit section number of the course you plan to take ends with a “D” (e.g. 41121D).  Please reach out to the program, department or school to obtain D-clearance(s).
  • If you’re planning to complete an academic program using your tuition remission benefits: no more than the first 12 (graduate) units taken through limited status enrollment can be applied toward a degree. Please consult with your program early on regarding admission processes and course planning prior to taking required courses towards a degree or certificate.

Step 2: Complete your Individual Development Plan. (Residents, Clinical Fellows and Pharmacy Fellowship Trainees exempt)

Step 3: Submit your tuition remission request to the online submission portal (keep your login credentials handy – you will need to login and submit each semester you take classes). To prevent delays, please do not email the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs with your forms attached or with requests to register in courses.  Once you submit your form, you may register for courses.

Course registration instructions: 

Step 4: View Schedule of Classes. To register, login in MyUSC and click on Web Registration.  If you’re unfamiliar or it’s your first time registering, a short video tutorial is available to view the process on this site.  Postdocs are responsible for their own registration.  The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs cannot register on behalf of postdocs.  Please note that tuition charges must post to your student account before the tuition can be paid.

Step 5: Submit a student health online waiver.  You must waive student health insurance and fees by the third week of the semester.  Even after opting-out of student health, a student health fee will still be charged to your account.  Please read the waiver requirements and follow the directions carefully to prevent delays. Please note: Waiving student Aetna health insurance will not affect your postdoc Aetna health benefits. USC Student Health Insurance Online Waiver Instructions. Questions about the waiver should be directed to student health.

Additional Information: 

Registration Fees

The tuition remission benefit only covers the cost of tuition. Postdocs are responsible for fees.  Some examples of fees may include (but not limited to):

  • lab and/or access fees, readers and other course materials
  • Norman Topping Fee
  • USC Student Services Fees


Form 1098T

USC provides IRS Form 1098-T to students with qualified tuition and fees or financial aid posted to their student accounts. This form is used to document education tax credits on United States federal income tax returns.

To download your forms:

Step 1: login to MyUSC and click on OASIS 

Step 2: go to the Financial Information menu and click on “1098T (ECSI)“. Or, you may login directly to ECSI at where you will be asked to provide your student ID and email information. The school code for USC is “HT.”

For assistance using ECSI, call 866-428-1098.

Registration holds

Upon registering, if you discover you have a hold, login to MyUSC, click on OASIS and then “Restrictions” for a summary of active holds, a description, and removal location/phone number and any mandatory advisement obligations that may exist.