Quick Guide: How to upload a form to Provost SMA

USC Postdoctoral Tuition Remission – Provost SMA Platform for Submission How-to Guide 

Go to provost.sma.usc.edu.  To create a new account, click on Register and enter your name, email and create a password.  Note that this platform does not use your USC NetID credentials.  You must create a new login credential.   

When you login, you will see your dashboard with your open and submitted application(s) and/or requests.  To begin a new application or request, click on Programs in the upper right corner.  To start or continue an application that is in progress, click on the corresponding application in your dashboard. 

ShapeSearch for a Postdoctoral scholar program.  For the tuition remission benefit, type USC Postdoctoral Tuition Remission.  Once you find the program, click on   More >   to take you to the program’s home page, where you may find additional information or instructions.   

Below is an example of the home page for USC Postdoctoral Tuition Remission. Read the information and click Apply. 

For tuition remission, please fill out the Basic Information section (left navigation pane, “Basic Information”).  Proceed to the “Completed Tuition Remission Form” and upload your document.  Once complete, click Submit.  A record of your submission can be found on your dashboard. 

Click on “My Applications” in the upper right at any time to navigate to your home dashboard.