A critical aspect of a postdoctoral scholar’s success is finding a mentor who is supportive of the scholar’s career goals, shares similar research interests, and is capable, if the scholar does not have external funding, of supporting the scholar on a research project or training grant. Developing a mentoring plan and an Individual Development Plan, can help postdoctoral scholars and their mentors keep their personal and professional goals in sight as they work together. Postdoctoral scholars and their mentors are encouraged to begin the process of discussing the postdoctoral scholar’s career and training goals early on, to ensure that the scholar will receive the best possible results from their period in training at USC and will be prepared and confident when they enter the workforce.

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs partners closely with the USC Center for Excellence in Research, the USC Center for Excellence in Teaching, the USC Career Center, the USC Postdoctoral Association and the USC Mellon Mentoring Forum to provide a well-rounded mentoring experience.

Faculty with whom USC postdoctoral scholars work will provide substantial support for postdoctoral researchers with the firm aspiration of significantly advancing cutting-edge research through the training of a new generation of innovative scientists. USC postdocs will develop their intellectual perspectives, collaborative skills, and use of new research tools and technology in the context of an integrated research enterprise. Postdoctoral scholars will be expected to work closely with their advisors to conceive, develop and implement innovative programs of research that result in significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in their fields.