CHLA Postdocs

Postdocs at CHLA are eligible for enrollment in PDF999.  PDF999 will confer a suite of USC student benefits and allow access to certain resources.  To maintain your affiliation with USC, please be sure to enroll each semester.  To prevent lapses in your affiliation, maintain your enrollment without any gaps (i.e. before the start of each semester).  Participation is optional, but if you opt-in, you will need to enroll in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.  You can find the academic calendar on the Registrar’s website here.  Some things to keep in mind:   

  • Registration for PDF999 is open year around. 
  • There are no fees or tuition for enrolling in PDF999
  • As a result of enrollment, you may be required to take mandatory university training, which can be found on the employee gateway.  There, you can login to TrojanLearn

If questions arise about enrollment or you’re having technical issues, please contact

What to Expect your first time registering:

You will be provided a 10-digit USC ID by your academic unit’s administrator. If you already have a 10-digit USC ID, then you will use that same ID for this process. Once you know your USC ID, click the link below to go to the web registration system and follow the directions provided on this website below:

To Login:

Registering for courses: Tutorial

…OR Step-by-Step Directions to enroll after you have logged in: