Professionalization Tracks

USC has three distinct tracks for programming: Research, Teaching and Industry. Here’s a sampling of recent workshops and trainings offered across the tracks:

  • Preparing & Submitting NSF, NIH, K99/R00 Proposals/Applications including how to write an effective proposal, do’s and dont’s, etc.
  • Tools (software & hardware-oriented) Workshops, for example, Harmonizing Health Data, Next-gen sequencing & Microaray Data
  • Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Mastering Public Presentations, Reputation Building & Personal Expression
  • Managing a Scientific Laboratory
  • Strategizing Survival in the Current Research Funding Climate
  • Creating Your Own Network
  • How to build an academic/industry network
  • Tools for Improving your Postdoc Profile including social media, multimedia and digital skills training
  • Syllabus Design & Teaching Philosophy Workshop PLUS Effective Teaching/Learning Classroom Strategies
  • Tools for Teaching: Emerging Technologies in Higher Education, game-based learning, multimedia literacies (IML)